Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rainee's "Gone" :)

1) Which characters did you find the most compelling and /or relatable, and why? I liked Milo the best. He was the most visual, and also the most relatable to me. Alot of time was spent on his choice of clothing, his different attitudes, I detected a bit of wistfulness there.... I liked Alex, but maybe because his character was developed in earlier books, I didn't get as clear a picture of him in my head as I did Milo.

2) Do you think this book would make a good movie?Why or why not? Prob'ly not, since it was not that action packed. Maybe a good Criminal Minds episode tho....

3) What makes this book distinctive? I would have to say the way the author described LA and the surrounding area... also the way he developed his characters.

4) Were the plots and sub plots believable? I kinda wondered why Kellerman bothered with that whole Dr.Hauser thing. It seemed out of place and unneccesary. Like filler or something. An obligatory physical attack on the main character to make the reader feel sorry for him or to explain his ex's change of heart?

Also, I felt ripped off at the end when Brad killed himself. My bf worked at the county jail here in smalltown AL for a while, and I know this is nit-picky, but if a prisoner is on suicide watch, they don't get "lights-out" and they sure don't get pajamas or sheets or anything that could be used to commit suicide. They are also checked on every 10 to 15 minutes.... I just thought the guy was dismissed a little too easily.

Were they interesting ? I thought the Dr Hauser subplot was corny and predictable. I liked reading about Milo and Rick tho... the glimpses we got into their lives when they weren't "on the case."

5) What did you like/dislike about the book? I guess the taxidermy thing was kinda gross. Finding that head reminded me of that scene in Silence Of The Lambs when she finds that head in a jar in the storage building.... (Am I still discussing sub-plots?)

I liked the relationships between Alex and Robin, Alex and Allison, Alex and Milo...

Were you glad you read it? yes I am glad I read it. It was nice to be reading something again. It was a good, suspenseful book.

Would you recommend it to a friend ? Yes. I already have actually :)

Would you be willing to read more books by this author? yes. I wouldn't mind reading more of Alex's back story...

That's my take on it guys... I enjoyed the fact that we were all on this adventure together too.... Can't wait to see what's next!


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wooohooo good job rainee !!!

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