Monday, September 18, 2006

The Form for our Forum

I sent this out as an email but it seems some people didn't get it or deleted it because they didn't know who the hell I am so I decided to post it here :

ALOHA!! From the sunny shores of paradise otherwise known as Maui! Those of you that I know Hey !! Those of you that I don't know yet Welcome! I thought of doing this book club to reach out into the blogosphere and make some new friends. So far that idea is working great but a few of us have been thinking about adding a little form to our forum.

If you have been following the blog or the emails to hotmail you know it has just been Spider and myself talking but I have made a few decisions based on those talks . Spider is not the only one, I am sure, that needs a little structure and /or direction. Hopefully you all know that the first book is Gone by Jonathan Kellerman. I know that some folks are playing catch up and others already have your books.

Now onto the structure & form part. Once we start to read ( if you haven't already) we are all going to stop after chapter 15. After we have all reached that point if you would be so kind as to shoot me an email to that effect. When I know we are all there I will send out a mass email telling you to go ahead and post an open discussion post on the blog. Of course you are more than welcome to post anything you want to there, whenever you want to do it ! Then after the midway discussions are all posted we can complete the book. I also think that it is at this time that your recommendations for book #2 should come to me . I am exempt from choosing another book until all of us have a chance to recommend one.When you do your recommendations it would be great if you can send a link to the book. After all nominees are in I will post them all in the blog so we can vote.I think we should do the new book at this point so we won't have to much lag time between .The next person whose book we choose will also be exempt from round 3 and so on and so on til we get back to the beginning (me).

OK I know this is a huge post but I am almost done...
The next step will be as you finish the book email me again so I can keep track and when we are all finished I will post some end of book questions on the blog for you all to answer and discuss as well . I think as far as I can tell that covers it all. But trust me this is in no way a dictatorship. These are just guidelines that I thought up .This is a co authored blog therefore a co authored idea space as well. I am open to any and all suggestions. And believe me when I say any and all will be greatly appreciated. You can send any questions or comments to me at Most importantly I want us all to have fun while doing this and to get to know each other . Please comment on the blog and email to each other as much and as often as you feel !! The more we do that the more fun we will have .

OK so that is all the detail I have come up with so far . One more thing though for the next book the person who chooses the book also gets to do the end of the book questions . I am finding that alot of books actually have discussion questions written to find these you can go to any publisher website, and/or do a search for book club discussion questions.

The main thing is that we all have fun so if you have any problems or questions contact me !!
This really is gonna be a blast thank you all for showing an interest!
Scott K


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