Monday, October 16, 2006

My Answers to the Discussion Questions

1) Which characters did you find the most compelling and/or relatable and why.
I really liked the girl Michaela I thought she was cute and fairly funny , the way she was kinda coming on to Dr. Delaware in their interview. Wish she could have stayed around a bit longer. Also I have always liked the character of Milo Sturgis the cop. Most likely because he is just a regular guy who happens to be gay. Not a Gym Addicted, body issued, twink.The author makes it clear that he is not a beauty queen (lol) Just a cop who is gay.

2) Do you think this book would make a good movie?Why /why not? Maybe. The reason I say maybe is because,Yes it has alot of things going for it but alot of the narrative is basically getting around the city of LA/Hollywood I am not sure how that would translate into a good movie. Plus the whole taxidermy part may be a bit gross.

3) What makes this book distinctive? I think that alot of what makes this book so distinctive is the narrative. The way he describes the city of LA and Hollywood so in depth and his use of very discriptive language.

4) Were the plots/subplots believable? Were they interesting? Interesting yes they were. One of the reasons I love Mr. Kellerman is he keeps the pages turning and doesn't really let on what is going on until the last few chapters. For awhile there I thought maybe the other Dr he was investingating might have played a bigger role ( didn't really know how )but it kept me guessing. Believable, I am still on the fence about that. I think the whole taxidermy part was a little over the top, but who knows we were in LA/Hollywood. :)

5) What did you like/dislike about this book. Are you glad you read it ? Would you recommend it to a friend? Would you be willing to read more books by this author? Likes /dislikes: not very many dislikes on the whole I loved the book I wish we could have had more time with Micheala and perhaps met the guy she staged the abduction with. I love the fact that Dr. D and Robin got back together but you guys wouldn't understand their history unless you read some prior books. I am very glad you all allowed me to choose the first book . I hoped you all liked it . Uhmmmm..I did recommend it to a friend , a few friends actually ! I will most definately be reading more of his books I have read many of them and only a few have let me down .

Okay kids there are my answers to the questions for Gone. I really do hope you enjoyed this first book. As I have mentioned before I am still awaiting recommendations for book 2 from a few of you . If you liked this book and would like to read more of him on your own time I can recommend a few. Rage was very good as was The Murder Book.


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I just answerd mine, but they havn't posted yet. My blogger is doing something weird, although it's sitting there if I try to edit, maybe it will go through by tomorrow.

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