Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Answers

OK, I think I need to preface my answers with... although I finished the book, and never felt like I was trudging through it, it left me somewhat unsatisfied. I've already forgotten the main character's name. I think it just isn't the style of book I would pick up again.

Anyway, without further ado...

1) Which characters did you find the most compelling and /or relatable, and why?
honestly, none of them. For me, they never left the page and became real for me.

2) Do you think this book would make a good movie?Why or why not?
Probably. Let’s see… Tom Hanks as the psychologist whose name I already cannot remember. Sharon Stone as the girlfriend psychologist, George Wendt as Milo, Sissy Spacek as the arts&crafts girlfriend, Glenn Close as the Nora Dowd, Bruce Willis as Brad Dowd, Billy Bob Thornton as the janitor cousin… that’s a good start.

3) What makes this book distinctive?
It had a pretty cover.

4) Were the plots and sub plots believable? Were they interesting ?
They must have at least been interesting, because I finished the book.

5) What did you like/dislikeabout the book? Were you glad you read it? Would you recommend it to a friend ? Would you be willing to read more books by this author?
I don’t think I would recommend it, but I think that’s just because after reading it I’ve realized I’m not a fan of this style of book. I think I would pass on reading more from him. There are too many other books that I MUST read to spend time reading ones that I’m fairly sure wouldn’t WOW me.


Blogger Spider said...

Understand completey Gumby - kinda where I was with the book - glad I read it but not something I want to do again... but that is what makes all of this fun!

10:15 AM  
Blogger scottk said...

I am sorry that you did not like this our first endeavor. However I hope that you stick with us as we continue with new and (perhaps more to your liking)books. Hope al is going well with the show !!

1:33 PM  

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