Monday, January 22, 2007

LOVIN' this book

Ok so far, and I'm only in chapter 11, but I am REALLY enjoying this book!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's that time again Folks !!!

Yes boys and girls the time has come to cast your votes for book #3. We also have a suggestion this time around from one of our members to vote on. So we have a bit more to do this time than just vote on a book. I trust we are all having a good start to 2007. So, with out ant further Ado, I give you this rounds nominations.

1)The Kite Runner ....By Khaled Hosseini
2)My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding...... Various Authors
3)Lullabies for Little Criminals....By Heather O'Neill
4)Lunar Park...By Brett Easton Ellis
5) My Drowning.....By Jim Grimsley
6) Running with Sissors....By Augusten Burroughs
7) Middlesex.....ByJefferey Eugenides

Ok there are the nominations . I said that there would be 2 things to vote on this time . The other is a revamping of the way we do things . This email was sent to me by Jessica for our perusal:
So hey, I'm just gonna throw this out there for you - it's just and IDEA. Perhaps we can take it before the club - if you want. Or we can wait and see how this round goes.

Obviously we are all avid readers, however, we all have very varied schedules and time for reading. I think the book club should be about reading whatever you want and then giving a "non-spoiler" synopsis. That way, we can each read what we want - in our own time - and then our synopsis can be a way of enticing others to read the book - if they want to. The discussion idea is good, but in looking at our beginning efforts - it seems that no one is "discussing", we are just putting in their thoughts. I'm guilty of this I know. Plus, because we all have such different schedules, some may feel "pressure" to hurry up and finish and not enjoy the book as much as they could. Conversely, for me personally, I was finished with Memorykeeper in like 2 days and then had to wait for all others to catch up. In the meantime I'd read at least 2 more books, so when "discussion" time came I really couldn't remember enough to put forth a really good effort. This is just me talking and ya know I'm game to read whatever, I'm just saying this might be an easier path to follow.

Basically what she was talkijg about is , if any of you vivsit my blog . kinda something along the lines of my "peek into my Library" posts . Where you all could choose a book you want to read and post a non spoiler synopsis on the blog and those of us who wanted to would read along.
As Jessica states in the email we do want this to be enjoyable for all of us and not to add pressure. So if this sounds like a good change for you vote for the new way when you post your book vote . Just put in your book vote and choose OLD WAY ( for the way we have been doing it ) or NEW WAY ( for Jessicas Idea). I will keep track of the votes and let you know what we have decided for our next endeavor when I tell you what book we have chosen for book 3 .