Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Questions for Memory Keeper's Daughter

My appologies upfront for such lame questions. I tried to think of questions as I read and then also immediately afterwards. And then yesterday, I was trying to come up with more questions, but's it's been a month and 2.5 more books since I finished Memory Keepers so my thinking was for naught.

1- Favorite Character and Why?
2- Was David “fair” to Norah in the beginning? Did he give her any credit to be able to cope? Was he protecting her?
3- Do you think it would be easier to “get away” with what David did now?
4- Did Phoebe’s “death” make Norah stronger or weaker?
5- At what point did the story “have” you? Not have you? Lose you?
6- In your opinion – who had the better childhood – Phoebe or Paul?
7- Who do you think is more at fault – David or Caroline?
8- At what point was David’s “point of no return” when he could not fix his lie?
9- Did you have a favorite moment/quote in the book that really stuck with you? Why?


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